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From: "Ray Hennessy" <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] Scotland's People.
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 14:02:09 +0000
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On 03/03/2008, Janet <> wrote:
> It's definitely post 1855 because I have a birth
certificate; 1873, very post 1855. Its puzzling.
I've sent an online Contact question and will share
the reply when received. I thought it was odd that
I couldn't turn it up in SP.

HI Janet

My recent search for Alexander SHIRRAN's DC was solved
by GROS who found it under SHINAN - a clear misreading.

You know the date of the marriage so get someone at ANESFHS
[are you a member?] to look at the microfiches of the quarter in
question. The could scan for likely mis-indexing given that
you can provide the date.

As you know the marriage date and the spouse's name, I am
assuming you have tried to find the spouse on ScP's MCs.

If you cannot find the marriage by any of these ways then
use the contact form on the GROS website:

They should be able to help if you are sure that a misindexing
has occurred. They will also correct the Index if you MC
is found to be wrongly indexed although this may take a few
months to complete.
Best wishes & good luck


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