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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] surnames and DNA testing / mDNA
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 15:17:49 -0500
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From: "Margaret ODonnell"
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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] surnames and DNA testing / mDNA

From: "Margaret ODonnell
I am from the clan Katrine, a female who lived around 15,000 years ago.
The female mDNA always stays the same and is passed on from Mother to
Daughter, a son also gets his mothers dna however he cannot pass it on, it
dies with him.
In the Oxford Database, I have 20 Exact matches from around the world,
*****big snip*****

>"Toni said" (#1)
>Excuse me if I appear rather thick regarding the above, There is a
>extremely large gap between you and an unknown female who lived (where?)
>15,000 years ago.

Margaret says -
I was answering to Janet's question on mDNA.
" I did say to Google " to find out more information if you were - really
interested -
The 20 Exact Matches I have are for Living People - not 15,000 years old.

>From Toni - (#2)
The latter I assumed, but wondered what or how you/they could prove who the
unknown female 15,000y ago was. You cut out the rest of the sentence I
wrote .. < "Excuse me if I appear rather thick regarding the above, but just
what does this do for you and documention of your lineage? >

I'm not sure how to word any of this without you taking offence, for none is
intended I can assure you! I was being quite genuine and interested, when I
asked. I didn't understand what would be gained from learning 21 of you
world wide have a common female ancestor as far back as 15,000 years ago.
I'm sorry if I didn't word it in any other way so you wouldn't find it

Toni said - (#1)
>Quite frankly, I'd rather spend £150 with SP and/or obtaining BMDs from
>England confirming my children's lineage, than going the DNA route. [<vbg>
>I just couldn't afford to have all my possible ancestors dug up and

Margaret says -
Being at the - End- of my Provable Scottish Genaology going back to 1708 in
Angus and having already spent a fair bit of money over 12 + years on this
hobbly ,also been on this list for 8 of those - Deciding to have my mDNA
done by Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford University was a personal choice
not a Genealogy one ,

>From Toni - (#2)
Fair enough, but as you didn't say in your message that it wasn't a
Genealogy reason, one can assume you were trying to match with others who
carried the same mDNA. I do realize you wouldn't have known about the
15,000 year old female you share with 20 others in the world. It was
15,000y part I was curious about.

I've not been doing family research for as long as you, as I'm only just
entering my 9y, but I've been on the lists from the beginning. I've also
been extremely fortunate (overwhelmingly so!) in being able to gain a great
deal of data on my (and my husband's -so far 99% English, 1% Irish) family
lines, as well as making contact with around 200 cousins of varying degrees,
though some very closely related, the majority of whom are in Scotland and
England. As my mother's is 99% Scots and father's about 50%, I still have
many laterals and their descendants to find.

however knowing that ones Female mDNA cannot be -
Diluted by marriage and or giving birth over the years appeals to me .
I have Three daughters and two Grand Daughters ( so far) and that exact same
mDNA has been passed on to them.

>From Toni - (#2)
Again, fair enough. All females do and will; I have a daughter and a
granddaughter as well.

I've been fortunate too in 'finding' Tony GOTT of the Shetland FHS. He has
one of my lines back to 1693, through which I can trace an all female line.

Flipppant comments were unnecssary.

>From Toni - (#2)
I'm assuming you meant my comment regarding how I would spend a 150 quid.
That is how you took it. I wasn't trying to be flippant with you, or anyone
else for that matter. Perhaps I should have said "I personally would prefer
to spend my .... etc, etc " instead of using "Quite frankly .." I'm truly
sorry if you took that to mean I was being flippant with you.

Also my comment about "digging up my ancestors" ... It certainly would be
alot easier to trace our family lines if it were indeed possible to easily
obtain a DNA sample of who we believed to be our ancestors. We all know
this is an impossibility. As each message is generally read by all on the
list (depending on the topic of course), and not only by the one whose
message is being answered, it was just a comment ... perhaps taking of the
mick overall to some degree, but please be assured, it most certainly was
not at you in particular. That is why I put [ ] around the comment.

Kind Regards
Margaret ( Central Scotland)

Toni ~ Ontario

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