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From: "Janet" <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] surnames and DNA testing
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 20:42:57 -0000
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Thanks Colin for the information.

I didn't imagine that the mtDNA would reveal the identity of her father, I'm that much informed. I ought to have disclosed my own age in this discussion an said perhaps that I knew my grandmother in that my mother was not adopted. I think this exercise shows how people could be - forgive the phrase - "sucked into" the scheme. You say "you wont get your results" which was what I intimated when I first wrote.

I don't think its right for people to pay for something and not get the results immediately, yet, sadly people will subscribe to it like lemmings who are searching their ancestry not realising its limitations. You have a Lake City USA address I see. I think it ought to be shown in any text talking about your service.

I am not criticising your product Colin, just pointing out to those who might not have thought it through properly which is every person's right when making such a contract as we do every day of our lives.


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From: "Colin Ferguson" <>

> Hi Janet,
> The mitchrondial mtDNA testing won't help you discover the father of
> your mother because he didn't contribute to her mtDNA. If her mother
> is the unknown, yes there is a very small chance it could help your
> investigation. No matter your interest you can get your mtDNA and, if
> male yDNA as well, tested at no cost through the reputable Sorenson
> Molecular Genealogy Foundation http://www.smgf.org/
> You won't get your results but your DNA and pedigree will end up in
> the database in about a year's time. You can find your self by
> recognizing your pedigree. Try searching their database (BY SURNAME so
> you don't need to enter any numbers) just to see what's there:
> http://www.smgf.org/ychromosome/search.jspx
> http://www.smgf.org/mtdna/search.jspx
> Cheers,
> Colin

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