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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] Marrying cousins recorded on a marriage certificate-but what kind of cousins?
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 20:48:52 -0000
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I have a certificate noting that both marriage partners were "cousins
German" which indicated thatthey were 1st cousins - her mother & his father
were siblings, This was in 1869
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Subject: [ABERDEEN] Marrying cousins recorded on a marriage certificate -but
what kind of cousins?

> OK - I have been trying to find out what "kind" of cousins my GGG aunt
> Grace McBain and her spouse
> John McBain were when they got married in 1893 by spending mega-time and
> some $ on searches... but I have been able to go nowhere with it. BUT
> maybe the clue is right on the certificate??
> Background: Grace McBain of Aberdeen (b. 1826 in Old Machar) married John
> McBain of Arbroath (b. 1825) in Dundee in 1893. Now, Grace and John had
> been listed on the 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses as husband and
> wife - so I assumed this was a different Grace, since the guy's name was
> "McBain". I was wrong! They were cousins who actually never got married
> UNTIL 1893. Perhaps after all those years of hiding the fact they weren't
> married or were cousins, or when all the relations were dead and gone,
> Grace and John just said "That's it, let's just do this..." and did.
> Anyhow, the marriage certificate itself, under "Signature of Parties" has
> Grace McBain's signature and underneath the following:
> "Housekeeper"
> "Spinster"
> "Cousin" ...but after the word "cousin", there is a mark, one which MAY be
> the number "2" when comparing it with other "2" numbers on the page. So,
> was the Minister indicating the relation of the two cousins as SECOND
> COUSINS or is it just an improper "s" or a blob? Would a minister have
> done so on the certificate? Is it more likely the two were FIRST COUSINS,
> thus explaining more satisfactorily the "hiding" of their non-married
> status for over 30 years?
> This is very key, as whether or not they were first cousins or second
> cousins means I get through a major brick wall when trying to nail down
> McBain family members of GGGG grandfather John McBean, b. 1775 in Croy, as
> the groom's father here ( a William McBain and a darn mystery!!!) is then
> either John McBean of Croy's brother or first cousin.
> The certificate is posted for anyone to take a gander at at
> http://www.piczs.com/is.php?i=37902&img=Marriagecertifi.jpg
> It requires no log-in of any sort - the image will simply pop up. It is 2
> meg jpg so it may take a bit if you have slow bandwidth -
> Any help with this biggie problem is greatly appreciated!
> ready to finally scale this wall,
> Cam
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