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From: Cameron MCBAIN <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] Brothers in the army
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 07:27:59 -0800 (PST)

Gavin Bell wrote: "And the fact that your two ancestors appear on the Marriage Register as
"cousins" does not necessarily mean "first cousins". Our forebears were
rather less pernickety than we tend to be about the small print of such
relationships, and the term "cousin" could cover a multitude of sins. A
friend of mine shares the slightly unusual surname of my maternal
grandmother, and on enquiry, it appeared that his father and my
grandmother were acquainted, and considered themselves "cousins". But
my friend's sister and I have both managed to trace our respective lines
back to the later 1700s without ever finding a single common ancestor,
so if they were cousins, it would have been 6th or 7th cousins at best."

Ye gods.. I have to watch how quickly I leap to conclusions, I guess! For example:

The only OPR at ScotPeople for a William McBain in Croy, Nairnshire that fits the age of the 78th Foot Private is a William born to an Angus McBean, 1778
Similarily, the only OPR at ScotPeople for a John McBain in Croy, Nairnshire that fits the age of the 78th Foot Private is a John born to the same Angus McBean, 1776

So of course I could easily conclude that these two brothers are the two who served in the 78th Foot together and are my GGGG grandfather and (ta-dah!) GGGGG uncle, and Angus (their dad) is my GGGGG grandpa.

However - on my GGGG grandfather John McBain's death certificate in 1863, his son Allan lists John's father as NOT an Angus McBain but a John McBain, and also a Chelsea Pensioner at that!

So do I believe Allan's statement and ditch my whole "Angus is the dad of BOTH John and William of the 78th" theory?
Is Allan's statement the more reliable route, even though I cannot find an OPR for a John McBain of Croy born to a John McBain that fits the estimated year of birth (1775 or so) from his army papers?


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