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From: "Howard Geddes" <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] CRUICKSHANK Laithers and Raeloch Turriff
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 00:06:35 +0100
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Hi Joan,

Although I could see your post in the archives, there was no facility to
post a reply to it to see if you had made any progress, so I posted afresh
to the List. Thanks for picking it up!

Now, to answer you - yes and no! You originally stated that "Jean
CRUICKSHANK daughter of George & Margaret CRUICKSHANK [nee possibly Brown]
born about 1780 Turriff...".

Well, I've found a George CRUICKSHANK & Margaret BROWN who married 4 MAR
1815 Turriff, Aberdeen (IGI M112475) and who turn up in 1841 at Crossbrae
Turriff with their son Andrew CRUICKSHANK, next door to whom I believe is my
Janet PATERSON (source: FreeCEN).

I am of course wondering whether Janet PATERSON's gdfather Robert
CRUICKSHANK is related to George CRUICKSHANK - maybe even brothers? The IGI
has its moments but it could be that George CRUICKSHANK was bpt 1781 Turriff
father Andrew CRUICKSHANK (IGI C112474). Alternatively, he might be George
CRUIKSHANK bpt: 11 FEB 1781 Kinnellar, Aberdeen to: George CRUIKSHANK &
Margaret HUNTER (IGI C112114). It seems one or other George CRUIKSHANK died
in 1867 - a lookup at the GRO is now on my list but if someone can do it

The IGI gives up quite easily the family of William STEWART & Jane
CRUICKSHANK so I assume you have the details, but in 1841 might they be in
Forglen-Banffshire (Enumeration District: 4 Folio: 4 Page: 6) Address:
STUART William M 55 Farmer Banffshire
STUART Jean F 58 Outside Census County (1841)
ROSS Janet F 15 Female Servant Banffshire
Does this figure?

The bottom line is that your Jean CRUICKSHANK and my Robert CRUICKSHANK
could be niece/uncle or even sister/brother. Worth nagging away at?

I've got your email address - would you like my detailed findings off-list?
They've given me a headache over the last few days - your turn!

Regards Howard

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