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From: "Kristina Cameron" <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] Gavin Bell, Streetname
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 09:56:34 +1200
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Presbytery of Kincardine O'Neil - Synod of Aberdeen

Hello Gavin.

How far is Kincardine from Aberdeen then.
It appears on the link under Aberdeenshire.

The parish is bounded on the north by Tough and Cluny; on the east by Midmar
and Banchory-Ternan; on the south by thc river Dee and the parish of Birse,
and part of Aboyne; and on the west by Aboyne and Lumphanan

That description sort of tells me that it is quite close to Aberdeen. Is
that correct?

Is there a rootsweb Kincardine list, reason being is that I posted some
death certs here yesterday that where from Banchory-Ternan and maybe
some listers would like them.

Sorry if I posted in the wrong place and also to the other listers here.


Gavin wrote
But you won't find your Banchory Ternan placename on the Aberdeenshire
pages because the parish of Banchory Ternan is in Kincardineshire! But
I'm afraid I don't recognise your placename.

Gavin Bell

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