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Subject: [ABERDEEN] Re WATT and GRAY
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 13:41:02 +0100
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Hi Cathy

Thanks for your email. I'm copying it to the List, below, in the hope of wider interest.
[Apologies to Glen Bodie for not snipping it. It would be too complex and obscure the sequence. Sorry.]

Yep, Cathy, we have a match.
1. Your Robert GRAY, born 1 August 1832 in Longside, was an Ag Lab [aged 8] at Cadgerhill of Buthlaw in 1841, just up the road from Cairngall where the rest of his family were living. His parents as John GRAY and Janet [note, not JEAN] GEDDES. We hadn't found Robert before this!
2. John GRAY and Janet GEDDES or GEDDIE had [we think] 7-9 children:
Isabella [1829]
William [29 May 1830]
Robert [1 Aug 1832]
Ann [5 May 1834]
Edmund [17 Apr 1836]
Janet [2 Jun 1838]
David [Jan 1841]
Duncan & Malcolm, twins [17 Jun 1843].
Malcolm was Sheena's great grandfather.
The two we don't have full dates for [Isabella & David] are slightly speculative. Their names are from the 1841 Census record and may be John GRAY's niece and nephew for all we know.
3. Our [and your] John GRAY was born 13 Aug 1782 at Seelscrook, Monquhitter. His parents, from his death certificate, were George GRAY and Barbara SMITH. I have a long chain of ancestors for Barbara not yet properly documented. This chain is not "proven" but is based on unique entries in the OPRs and on the placenames for the births. I haven't been able to find anything about George GRAY's ancestors.
4. Janet GEDDES was born about 1800 in Peterhead and was the daughter of Alexander GEDDES and Isobel CARLE, married 29 Aug 1799 in Longside. I don't have any details of their ancestors and Janet's birth doesn't appear to have been registered.
5. There were other John GRAYs having children in Longside just before John GRAY & Janet GEDDES had their family:
John GRAY/Anne CLARKE - 9 children 1803-26.
John GRAY/Jean AULD - 5 children 1815-22.
John GRAY/Isobel MILNE - 3 children 1821-26.

Clearly these John GRAYs were all different from one another, but any one of them could be an earlier marriage of our John GRAY. I haven't examined the ins and outs of all this on the Census. However the fact that there was an Isabella living with John GRAY & Janet GEDDES and family in 1841 suggests she might, possibly, have been Isobel MILNE's daughter and so on. This is in the realms of deep speculation and one would need to examine the marriage and/or death certificates for Isabella to determine possible relationships. We haven't done this yet.

Your chain back to John GRAY & Jean AULD for Robert's son-in-law might make George and Susan some sort of 3rd or 4th half-cousins if John married both Jean AULD and Janet GEDDES. Not unknown in the closed communities that used to exist in NE Scotland. However if John did marry twice, my money would be on Isobel MILNE because of the stray Isabella.

I think one would need to look into any post-1855 certificates for these folk to be sure who is which. I think this will have to go on the ToDo list, for the moment.

Hope this helps, Cathy, and doesn't add too much to the confusion.

Best wishes

Ray Hennessy

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Subject: Re WATT and GRAY

> GDAY Ray:)
> Thanks for your Reply..Getting a Tad Confused with this Gray Lot and Watt lot
> Have 2 Gray Lines ..Trying to See if and Where they connect
> ROBERT GRAY Born 1/Aug/1832 In Longside Aberdeen, Married Jane Mann STEWART..
> They Both Came Here to Australia
> ROBERT GRAYS Father I have as JOHN GRAY Born 5/Dec/1808 In Longside Aberdeen, He married JEAN GEDDES, on 4 August 1828 in Longside
> No Idea on the GEDDES line..
> They Married 30/July/1805 in Longside Aberdeen
> All this Info i got from IGI.., But is it Correct?
> Now the Other GRAY
> She married GEORGE WATT here in Australia
> GEORGE WATT was Born 5/March/1861 in Mill Of Gight Fyvie ABERDEEN
> His Parents were JAMES WATT and MARY GRAY
> Now this MARY GRAY was Born 2/Oct/1818 in Longside Aberdeen
> Her Parents I have as JOHN GRAY and JEAN AULD
> Now do these 2 GRAY families from Longside Connect??
> Not Sure
> Regards
> Cathy:)
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