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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] Towns and named locations
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 07:44:46 +1000
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Thanks much to Gavin, Lorraine, and Ray (in alphabetical order),

It really helps to have some of the "lifestyle background" filled in.
I'll have to try and get the maps and see if I can get the "statistical
or at least extracts from the areas I'm interested in (Premnay, Insch,
Leslie, Kennethmont, Oyne).

Just to emphasise this, I'll say that as much as the area has captured
my heart in a way other areas
of my genealogy have not, I'm very aware how little "birth death and
marriage" really conveys.
It is the bits about Aberdeen itself that have a much bigger impact for
me, and make me wish I
really had some way to "hear" the story of my ancestors.

If the "Pathfinder" map series is no longer in print, does the
"Explorer" series of OS maps cover as much detail?

Incidentally, I got a page on MIs for Premnay from the ANESFHS, and it
seems my
gg gran Ann THOM is there, and buried with her is probably at least my
great aunt Jessie SMITH.
Jane Ann GAMMACK, Jessie's sister, is also listed on the monument. Given
she died in Glasgow,
is it likely she has just been included for remembrance, or would it
mean her remains were actually
"brought home"?


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