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Subject: Ag-Lab, Farm Servant, factor et al
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 11:53:57 +1300
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My great, great grandfather was factor to the Duke of Richmond (a
Gordon-Lennox) and worked out of Westerpark in Glass. A factor was the
estate manager (e.g. boss of the Edinglassie estate covering a dozen or
so properties) and wielded considerable power. One of the great sources
of research material on the Duffs (Earl Fife) is the the correspondence
between the Montcoffer (?? spelling) factor (a Mr Rose , I think) and
the Earl, outlining progress and troubles with crops, people, finances

This gggfather was named Gordon Lennox Bremner, so there may have been
a longer business relationship there than just that one man.
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