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From: Gavin Bell <>
Subject: Re:[ABERDEEN] 19th Century Dress
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 11:21:24 +0000

Jane qrote:

> I did a google search and discovered that the Aberdeen Art Gallery
> have a vast costume collection!

> http://www.aagm.co.uk/

They do, indeed. But in the course of various exhibitions based on the
collection, and on visits to the Costume Store, I have never seen
anything other than "high-status" apparel - no working clothes.

> I think the formal dress for the ruling classes differed significantly
> from that of the working people but was broadly similar throughout the
> western world - with rural variations.

> There are plenty of websites which show this, ie:
> http://sensibility.com/vintageimages/victorian/
> Women wore those huge crinoline skirts all over the world.

But not throughout the whole century. The crinoline was very much a
fashion of the 1870s. Both before and after that period, people would
have found it every bit as odd as we do now. As I said in my first
posting on this thread, the 19th Century covers a fair bit of history,
and generalistions based on any one 'slice' of it are liable to be

Gavin Bell

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