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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] 19th Century Dress
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 22:57:45 -0000
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I am probably older than some, but maybe not as old as others on this list.
Isnt it a great pity that we have not found the ability to ask before its too late. For goodness sake, talk to your grand parents rather than not visit them when something else draws your attention.
I cant help but remembering my grandmother's [b 1894] directoires knickers and her "stays". It's really no different today so far as the "stays" are concerned, they are just laced up to emphasise. Fashion repeats itself, it has no where else to go.


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> Hi Liz,
> I did a google search and discovered that the Aberdeen Art Gallery have a
> vast costume collection!
> http://www.aagm.co.uk/
> I think the formal dress for the ruling classes differed significantly from
> that of the working people but was broadly similar throughout the western world -
> with rural variations.
> There are plenty of websites which show this, ie:
> http://sensibility.com/vintageimages/victorian/
> Women wore those huge crinoline skirts all over the world. Strange to think
> of it now.
> I have some photos taken in New Zealand about 1900 which could have
> been taken in England or Scotland but for the fact that they are all
> outdoors.
> Theodora Fitzgibbon's recipe book, " A Taste of Scotland" reproduces early
> photos from Scotland showing fisherfolk, washerwomen, street urchins as well
> as landed gentry in their finery.

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