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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] People's Scotland a Pauper's perspective
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2006 11:02:29 -0800
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At 06:28 AM 07/02/06, Anand Prasad wrote:

> although some may think £6 is a
>little, I do not, and the one week time limit is
>simply outrageous.

> I simply do not
>have the money for GROS Peoples scotland fantastic
>though it is

I have to cast my vote with Prasad on this, although in my case it's
academic as I can't send credit card information from this computer for
online shopping (which includes pay-per-view sites), and am limited to 15
minutes of internet connection per day. There are many people using public
library computers for their research who have the same problems as I do,
although mine stem from the restricted internet access account which I
deliberately chose to protect the children of my household. As a result, I
accept that many of my brick walls will remain standing until those
children are grown -- and perhaps even after that, as I have a cousin in
the RCMP (with a doctorate in information technology) who has for more than
ten years worked in the field of internet crime, including fraud and
identity theft. Many people scoff, but I accept him as the authority when
he says that no site, no matter who the owners are or what they believe or
claim, is secure. He personally would never send financial information
anywhere by computer and forbids his own immediate family to do so.

Someone mentioned the other day that ScotlandsPeople have a good customer
relations department, but I must have caught them on a bad day. I sent them
a message, outlining in greater detail than I have here, about the
impossibility of my sending them a credit card number and asking if there
was another route by which I could pay. Ancestors.com, for instance, has a
toll-free phone number you can use to pay for a subscription (dicey in
itself, but not, according to my cousin, as dangerous as the internet), and
the Canadian government insists on orders for military service records
being sent by regular mail or fax only. They don't accept orders through
their site or by email.

I received the following reply from ScotlandsPeople:

Dear Margaret Gibbs:


[I'll omit the name of the person who sent me this terse message, in case
she was in a grumpy mood and is now embarrassed -- as she should be]

Prasad, you're not alone in pauperdom.

Margaret Gibbs
Richmond, BC


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