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From: Gavin Bell <>
Subject: Re:[[ABERDEEN] Lookups
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 20:43:24 +0000

Paulette wrote:

> I started my website because of the money grubbing going on in
> genealogy nowadays. Societies and such are great, but who has the
> $1000's of dollars to spend with them to get all their relevant
> information. Considering that they are making money for the same thing
> over and over and over.

> My website is not free either, but the money doesn't go towards making
> a company bigger and better. It all goes towards the subscribers of
> the site and their research.

Which was PRECISELY the point I was making about ANESFHS and the costs
we have to bear so that we can make our data available, whether free or
paid. Our modest trading suplus is spent on buying more original or
facsimile materials and equipment for our members to use, and to keeping
our premises wind- and water-tight. Sauce for the goose is sauce for
the gander.

Gavin Bell

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