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Subject: Re: Church services and baptism
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 17:03:20 -0400
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Hi. Sometimes the minister would alternate churches,depending how many
churches he served- sometimes he would have early service at one church and
late service at another. It was determined by how many churches he was
responsible for and how close they were together. Are you familiar with the
title "Circuit rider minister"? Sally
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Subject: Church services and baptism

> Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions as to why my ancestor was
> baptised in the adjacent parish. I have a lot of new ideas to consider.
> Also, some people suggested that the father wanted a particular minister
> baptise the child and I wonder, did each minister go to a number of
> every Sunday (let's say in the time frame of 1750-1850) in the smaller
> parishes. I see references in the OPR to the village school teacher so
> there must have been one of those per village but how many parish churches
> could a particular minister handle? Did he go to a different one each
> Thanks, Sandi
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