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Subject: [ABERDEEN] Re: Farms in Ellon
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 08:35:47 +1200
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Dave Rannie has asked me:

> Do you know if the "Godsmans's History of Ellon" is for sale
> someplace.

It has been out of print for decades, and I have never come across a
second-hand copy.

I am trying to arrange for it to be re-printed. If I manage to do
this, I'll announce it on the Aberdeen-L list.

> Also, I had Mitchell relatives who lived at Mill of Fortree (6 or 7
> miles north of the town of Ellon). Is there any mention of that farm
> in your book?

Fortree or Fortrie is on the southern outskirts of Ellon. I can't
find any reference to a Mill of Fortrie. Fortrie was part of the
estate of Esslemont, and there is a farm called Meikle Mill to the
west of Ellon, between the town and Esslemont House. It may be that
this is where your Mitchell relatives lived. Godsman says that in
1778 the tenant at Meikle Mill was an Alexander Mitchell.

My scanner is out of action, and I'm daunted by the thought of
transcribing all the information Godsman gives about these two farms.
I'll post something when I get my scanner back.



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