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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] Re: question about LDS
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 10:18:37 +1300
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Hi Melissa

I see you are researching Burrs - my mother a Burr ex Scotland could we
exchange some information as I have an Ethel Burr in my tree.


At 17:39 18/10/01 -0600, you wrote:
>It depends on what information you are asking about. If you found the
>information on ancestral file, or on the IGI (International Geneological
>Index) then it could be an extract from parish records or it could be
>someone's submitted geneology.
>Here's a weird case: my ggrandma Ethel Margaret Violet Burr, I had used
>the microfilm to look up the index of her birth, but when I went to search
>for her on Scott's Origins she didn't come up. Strangely enough neither
>did some of the people I got from the OPR (Old Parish Records). I was however
>able to call and order her birth certificate even though I never did find
>it online (I used the information from the microfilm).
>So if the information is listed as being from extracted records it's
>usually pretty accurate (although in some cases I have found *interesting*
>handwriting interpretations) whereas if it's from someone's submitted
>geneology, call me skeptical but I tend to want to look at their sources
>myself. I know
>I know :)
>Melissa "long answer to a short question" Walton
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