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From: "Melissa" <>
Subject: [ABERDEEN] Re: question about LDS
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 17:39:01 -0600
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It depends on what information you are asking about. If you found the information on ancestral file, or on the IGI (International Geneological Index) then it could be an extract from parish records or it could be someone's submitted geneology.

Here's a weird case: my ggrandma Ethel Margaret Violet Burr, I had used the microfilm to look up the index of her birth, but when I went to search for her on Scott's Origins she didn't come up. Strangely enough neither did some of the people I got from the OPR (Old Parish Records). I was however
able to call and order her birth certificate even though I never did find it online (I used the information from the microfilm).

So if the information is listed as being from extracted records it's usually pretty accurate (although in some cases I have found *interesting* handwriting interpretations) whereas if it's from someone's submitted geneology, call me skeptical but I tend to want to look at their sources myself. I know
I know :)

Melissa "long answer to a short question" Walton

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