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here are some good starts in finding New Pitsligo, which is what Pitsligo is
now called. to confuse and confound, there is a Sligo in Ireland.

which families are you looking for.



you need to purchase these maps, the others are free but these particular
ones are great, only about 13 pounds to buy I think. They are victorian,
(in era) one inch to one mile maps, quite good and when you go to the web
page, scroll down the the VOS087 and New Pitsligo is there.

VOS087 Ellon & Peterhead Collieston, Cruden Bay, Maud, Methlick, Mintlaw,
New Pitsligo, Old Deer, St. Fergus, Strichen, Tarves.



sorry, have lost the web page for this but its very interesting.
Description of the parish (in 1875)
The name of this parish is derived from the Gaelic
Pit-sliabh-bache, which means "the hill or eminence in the
hollow," in contradistinction to Pit-an-druim, which signifies
"the ridge of the hollow." Previous to 1634 the parish consisted
of the lands of Pittendrum, or Piteandrum, formerly in
Fraserburgh, but the greater part belonged to Aberdour, from which
it was disjoined by Lord Pitsligo in 1630, about the time he
obtained his patent of peerage, and while the See of Aberdeen was
filled by Bishop Forbes of Corse, under whose auspices several of
the parishes of Buchan were divided, and new churches built.

The parish is bounded by the Moray Firth on the north, to which it
has a sea-board of three miles six furlongs; on the east by the
parish of Fraserburgh; on the south by the parish of Tyrie; and on
the west by Aberdour.

Its greatest breadth, in a direct line from south to north, is
three miles, and the greatest length, also in a direct line from
east to west, is 3* miles; the whole area being estimated at 5,840

The sea shore, from the Fraserburgh boundary to Rosehearty, is
low, alternating partly between sand and shelving rocks. From
Rosehearty to the Aberdour boundary, the shore consists of
precipitous rocks, full of chasms of great depth, and there are
very few places where a boat can land on this part of the coast.
The ridge of Pittendrum lies on the north-east of the parish, and
the rising ground of Pitsligo is in the centre, over which the old
Fraserburh and Udny road leads by the church, and divides the
parish into two nearly equal parts. The highest point of this hill
or eminence is about 300 feet above sea level, and from this point
the land slopes on all sides. The church stands a little lower.

[A New History of Aberdeenshire, Alexander Smith (Ed), 1875]

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> I have some potential family from Pitsligo. I cannot find it with any of
> the online tools. Where is (was) it?
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