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From: "Patrick Dunbar" <>
Subject: Re: COOTER???
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 20:08:56 +0100

Dear List,

On seeing some points of interest, may this fool rush in make some comments
and ask the odd question?

I agree there are two parishes, Peterculter, ABD, and Maryculter, KCD.
Regarding habitations, my map shows Peterculter - OK so far - but
Maryculter appears as Kirkton of Maryculter. No wonder I couldn't find it in
the index. So to avoid confusion I guess we - native Scot, Sassenach and
others - should use the full title when referring to the place, and just
Maryculter for the parish.

>From the name, you don't need a degree to figure out that K. of M. has a
place of worship within its bounds. But does the full title "Kirktown of
Maryculter" suggest greater religious connections, say a village which was
established around a religious settlement?

>Templars Park, the old kirkyard within the grounds of the earlier Templar

I would be interested in any information on, or references for this specific
Templar site. Please - no general Templar references, the subject is too
vast. My interest is in DUNBAR connections with Templars/Hospitalers as part
of my one-name study.

>Nearby is the Deeside Hotel (your pub?)<

Will research their heavy (bitter beer) on this years visit to family!

Pat(rick) R. L Dunbar
Organiser, Dunbar Family Society (UK)
Actively researching DUNBAR world-wide, any date
Data requested - queries welcomed

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> Hello Dave,
> Sorry to disagree with you, but Maryculter is more than a pub and a camp
> ground

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