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From: "Norman D. Nicol" <>
Subject: Re: COOTER???
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 07:59:38 -0400

Hello Dave,

Sorry to disagree with you, but Maryculter is more than a pub and a camp
ground. True, there are no actual towns or even villages, but for the
person with ancestry in the parish, there is the Kirkton, centered
around the new (1782) parish church and Templars Park, the old kirkyard
within the grounds of the earlier Templar chapel and later parish
church. The ruins of the original church there date from the early 13th
century. Nearby is the Deeside Hotel (your pub?) which used to be
Maryculter House, one of the mansion houses of the Menzies of Pitfodels,
the former major land-holding family in the parish. Blairs, the site of
the now-closed St. Mary's College, was another of the mansion houses of
the Pitfodels estate. There are several other old mansions of the
former land-owners as well. The rest of the parish is dotted with
farms, most of which have retained their names from the late Middle

Certainly, the population is not that of Peterculter, but I hope this
gives a fuller picture of Maryculter.

Doug Nicol,
Harvey's Lake PA

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