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Subject: Re: Wearing O' The Orange
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 11:52:36 -0000

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Date: 18 March 2000 03:32
Subject: Wearing O' The Orange

Hi Patrick

Your information is correct with a few politically correct statements
depending on your source of information

>I'm not sure if this is the story behind wearing orange, but it could be
>an explanation:
>William III of the House of Orange lived from 1650 to 1702. He was from
>the Netherlands and invaded England in about 1689. It was accomplished
>without any spilling of blood. He became king over the British Isles
>and abolished many of the laws against the Protestants.
He was the son in law of the King James. James was catholic a descendant of
Mary Queen of Scots, his daughter was protestant, the government at the time
preffered to have a protestant monarch so asked William and Mary to take
over. It was far from bloodless, Battle of the Boyne etc leading on to
Culloden and continues to this day in the form of the "Irish Troubles"
where hundreds have died for the cause.
There was religious persecution in UK from the time of Henry VIII (and
before) which caused so much bloodshed and emigration. By the time King
Billy came along the country had changed religion like a shuttlecock for
nearly 300 years. A law was passed then which disallows any monarch of UK to
be a catholic, this still stands to this day.

>This is why the Protestants of Ireland still refer to themselves as
>"Orangemen". The flag of Ireland has 3 colors side by side. Orange
>represents Protestants, green represents Catholics and white in the
>middle to represent peace between the two.

We still await the peace

>There's probably much more to this story, but I think that's the jist of

You did pick up the jist of it, but there is always two sides to a story
don't always believe the propaganda.

Jean Henretty


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