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Subject: Re: Burial Ground For Harless Franklin Terry
Date: 14 Oct 2006 17:18:44 -0600

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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Heidi Moore and, yes, I do reside in Van, Texas, where I have lived for the past 15 years after moving away to attend college, follow my husband's work and start a wonderful marriage with my husband of 17 years.
I would like to respond to the message posted by Michelle on October 10, 2006, a cousin I once loved and now feel sorry for.
I was named executrix of my grandfather's Laaast Will and Testament. My grandfather and I were very close and I never knew life without him until now. He was moved from an Austin-area nursing home and placed in Van Healthcare Center well over a year ago. He suffered from COPD and CHF. He was the most wonderful man I have EVER known in my life and I was especially excited that he was only a few blocks from my home In Van. I know almost every staff member at VHC and they all did an EXTREMELY wonderful job in taking special care of my grandfather. They all called him Papa and he was happy there.
I saw him almost every single day while he was here. I loved having him close to me and my children and my children enjoyed visiting grandad, too.
I do not recall Michelle or her mother visiting grandad while he was here. I was told that they did stop by to visit him on their way back to Tomball after the family reunion in June in Alba, Texas. I was not there during their visit. I did receive a phone call sometime later from Michelle's mother, Margaret. Margaret expressed concern about grandad and I listed her concerns on a piece of paper and went directly to the nursing home after hearing her concerns. Her concerns were as follows: She claimed that my grandfather had a 'toe tag' stapled to his 3rd toe on his right foot. If you are unfamiliar with what a 'toe tag' is, it is a tag that the coroner ties to the toe of a person who has passed away and is ready for funeral preparation. It identifies the person who has passed and gives other information. What she actually saw on his toe was a band-aid that was covering a spot on his toe that was being treated for gout. The band-aid was still in place when I arrived!
at the nursing home and was removed when I asked to see the sore on his toe. The sore was gone at this point and a band-aid was never put back on the sore. She claimed that grandad's chart stated that he not be fed at all per doctor's orders. When I questioned the nurse about this accusation she simply showed me his medical chart, which documents that April 3, 2006 my grandfather weighed 155.7 lbs. On May 1, 2006, my grandfather weighed 155.7 lbs. On June 1, 2006, my grandfather weighed 159.4 lbs. I have a copy of his medical chart and, of course, this information was NOT true. She claimed that grandad had a huge bed sore on his rear. I have never seen any private part of my grandad, nor did I care to, but after such an accusation, I asked the nurse to show me. Two nurse's aides were immediately called in to assist in turning my grandad over to his left side and his Depend was unvelcroed to reveal only his backside. There was NO sign of redness, soreness, or tend!
erness of the skin. Needless to say, I was much relieved. She claime
d that grandad had only one lung that was functioning. His medical report stated he had both lungs and they were fully functioning. She claimed that the staff at VHC had stuffed toilet paper into his mouth. When I questioned the staff at VHC, they simply said that he had run out of Kleenex and he was using toilet tissue to wipe his own mouth. I told them that I would purchase him more boxes of Kleenex and she apologized and told me that she would personally make sure that I was notified when he was almost out of Kleenex so that I could purchase more. She claimed that grandad was in fetal position in his recliner upon her arrival. I have never seen him in such a position and the nurse explained that she had not either. I would think it would be quite difficult for a man of his age to curl up in fetal position, especially in a recliner.
My grandfather was receiving Hospice care from Hospice of East Texas in Tyler, Texas. He was being seen five per week. All of this information was documented. The nursing home took an x-ray of my grandfather's lungs as a safety precaution because he had developed a cough recently. The x-ray showed that he suffered from CHF and that both lungs were functionally properly. It also showed that no phlegm was present as was thought prior to the x-ray.
Margaret also claimed that my grandfather was not a diabetic and had never been a diabetic in his life. Doctor's reports and lab results show that he was indeed a diabeitc and received 6 units of Humulin 70/30 every night. His blood sugar was also checked twice daily.
I visited my grandfather almost daily and fed him myself, clipped/trimmed his fingernails, cut his hair once a month, made sure his room was clean, purchased things he needed from time to time, as did my two aunts, Martha and Nancy.
My grandfather passed away on July 29, 2006. He did NOT pass away on August 29, 2006. Michelle was a month off on the date of death. I would think that if she was going to post such a hateful, demeaning, and untruthful message that she would at least know the date that her own grandfather passed away. She and her mother were NOT there to keep vigil at his bedside during his last few days as my aunt Nancy, Aunt Martha, my mother, and my cousin, Carolyn and her husband Randal and I were. She was NOT there when he was holding my hand so tight that I felt it might lose circulation. She was NOT there when he took his last breath. She, nor her concerned mother, were there to make preparations for his funeral. She, nor her mother, were there at my grandfather's viewing, She, nor her mother, were there at my grandfather's funeral. To be so concerned for his health and well-being, where were they when he was truly passing from this life? Where were they when arrangements w!
ere being made? Where were they as we all sat at the funeral grieving and remembering my grandfather the way he was when he was so full of life? I can tell you where they were not..... they were not here. They were NEVER here. They were at home making up lies and stirring up trouble by making horrendous accusations, sending ambulances to the nursing home, calling the Van Police Department and having an officer dispatched to the nursing home only to arrive and find all things in order and calm and accusations to be false and ludicrous, making threatening phone calls to me and my family. They were leaving threatening messages on answering machines, which have all been recorded and are being kept in a safe place.
I do have a copy of my grandfather's Last Will and Testament as does his lawyer. I did NOT receive any money AT ALL from grandad's estate. There was a small saving's account in a bank close to my town and that was all he had. The money was split into 6 equal portions and given to 6 of his remaining children. I was not listed in the Will as a beneficiary. I have very little material things of my grandfathers and money could NEVER replace these things I have. I have memories and those will NEVER be taken away or stripped of their joy because of a mentally unstable mother and daughter. I believe these two women are raising two young boys in their home and I truly feel sorry for them. Their lives must be chaotic and dysfunctional. They are innocent and don't know any other life except for the life that these two women have created for them. I only wish they could have known their great-grandfather and what a truly wonderful man he was.
I recall one other thing that Margaret said to me during our first phone conversation that will never leave my mind and has bothered me since that phone call. After making her accusations, she said to me, "I do not love grandad, you understand. But, no one deserves to be starved to death. I am concerned though." What a powerful statement.
In case you're wondering, I did call Margaret back FROM THE NURSING home that very night after checking on grandad to tell her that he was okay and she was rude, hateful, threatened to take my own two children away, threatened to bring the Terry Texas Rangers to town and the ProLife Association with her to protest the nursing home. I waited for several weeks and she never arrived with her entourage.
I appreciate you visiting this website and I appreciate you taking the time to read this message.

Mrs. Heidi Moore
Van, TX.

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