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Subject: Re: [4TH-TENNESSEE-CAVALRY] Richard Thompson in 4th Calavary
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 20:01:00 EDT

Hi Wanda

I am the one who sent you that one website of the man who had the uniforms
for all the wars and I am surprised he wasn't able to identify your Thompson's
uniform, but as you said if the picture was old and worn out. With both
sides having the same regiments or companies, it is hard to know. Let me do a
little more researching also and see what I can find.

I found this website with some Thompson's listed, but not a Richard. It
looks like the 4th Calvary was Confederate if they were from Tennessee, the 4th
Calvary from the Union side seems to be more recruiting from the east. This
is the website I found on this information


Here is another website about the 4th calvary and 8th and it shows a reunion
picture in 1892 of those who served, what a wonderful picture.


I also found this on Ancestry

Name: R Thompson Side Served: Confederacy State Served: Tennessee
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private.
Enlisted in _Company C, 4th Cavalry Regiment Tennessee_
(http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?&ti=0&db=hdsregiment&f0=1346&f11=Confederacy) .

I will keep digging around to see if I can find more information. When I
saw your Martha in the 1860 census it showed a Bristhand Thompson as head of

After your question about the 1890 census showing your Thompson, I went back
and checked my great-great uncle and it did show his name listed and not his
widow. On the same page it did show another name and underneath it had his
widow's name listed. I was given the information my great-great uncle died
in 1883 in Hawkins County, Tennessee and he is buried in his wife's family
area of the cemetery so that does have me confused. When looking at his injury,
he was injured during the civil war by a wagon rolling over him. I tried
looking for Richard Thompson, but with no luck so far, but will keep looking.

Do you know anyone or do you have a photograph program that you can scan the
picture and clean up some of the scratches, etc., if not, I have one and if
you would like to send me the picture, I can put it in my photoshop and see if
I can clean it up a bit for you. Let me know if I can be of any help as I
know how it is when you are up against a brick wall.


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