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Subject: Re: [4TH-TENNESSEE-CAVALRY] Civil War Soldier's Uniforms, etc.
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 18:32:50 EDT


Try this website below about the 4th Tennessee calvary. Did Richard
Thompson serve with the Confederates or the Union? I am assuming that he was with
the Confederate army, you never said, that would help. Also which state did
he live in at the time of his joining or being signed up for the civil war?
Again, I am assuming Tennessee, but if you know where he lived at the time,
that would be of great help.

Some people were mustered out earlier then the end of the regiment sometimes
due to either injury or something else or was captured as a prisoner, etc..
This website does have the 4th Tennessee calvary listed but I didn't see
Richard Thompson's name, but that doesn't mean he didn't serve under them.
Maybe a person on this website may be able to help you also.

On this website, I did find an R.A. Thompson who applied for a pension, but
it shows him in the 7th Infantry.


Here is another website for civil war for Tennessee.


Here is a website that shows Lucinda Thompson, a widow, receiving $8.00 per
month who lives in Trousdale County, Tennesse, it shows the allowance starting
in Dec. 1881.


If you have any other information on this person, please provide it as there
are many Thompson's listed and some are listed just as R. Thompson, just
knowing the state where he lived prior to the civil war.

I also find the same information as another person had provided you about
Richard Thompson in the 4th calvary and listed Cleveland, Bradley County,
Tennessee in 1890. That is a good question about the 1890 Veteran's census, as
when I went to pull up my great-uncle, it shows him listed on the 1890
Veteran's census having served in the Civil War, but someone sent me information that
he died in 1883 with his wife receiving his pension and it seem she should
be listed not him, maybe they send me the wrong year, I will have to redo my
research on him. Maybe someone out there would be able to answer that
question as I would like to know that as well.

Good luck and I understand your frustration, we all have been there, with
most of the 1890 U.S. census burned, it makes it hard to pinpoint people from
1880 to 1900 most of the time.


In a message dated 3/8/2009 9:49:24 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,

I never had any luck on this try so I will try this way. One lady sent me
info. of a man who might could have helped me but he was unable to help me.
Also, A nice lady in Tennessee looked on the 1890 Civil War Veteran
Census,Tn. and found Richard Thompson, Br-9-5; Pvt. E. Co., 4th. Cav;
2-13-63 to 7-24-65; Cleveland, PO.
Now, I don't have the money to get papers on this man if he is not mine.
Is there any way I can find out his age and who his wife might have been
before I order papers on him?
Also, if he was on the 1890 list does that mean he was still alive in
Is it possible that he died 7-24-65 and that is why his muster out date
is not that of the 4th. Cav?
I really appreciate any help anyone can give me.

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> How would one identify a 4th. Tenn. Cav. Soldier?
> Special markings on the hat, how the uniform looked, etc.?
> Is there a place on the internet that I should go to find out about the
> uniforms, etc. of the different units?
> Thank you.
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