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Go to this link at the Steen Library:
They have done a good job of trying to catalogue what they have online.
Many men from the Nacogdoches area were recruited into the 17th Calvary and
some of the letters they have on file are from soldiers of the 17th. What
you miss from the general descriptions given are the names the writers
reference internally in their letters. Your relative may be a member of the
writer's mess patrol and be mentioned in the discourse, particularly and
unfortunately if he was sick or died. A cross check of the names on the
online catalogue against the service records on Footnote should reveal
pretty quickly who was in the 17th and who was not. I am sure there are
other ways as well.

Meanwhile, the letters are fascinating and reveal a lot about the lives and
experiences they lived. We would do well to write as well and as often.

Ronald Hall

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I believe the Stephen F. Austin University also has a collection of
Civil War letters from Richard David "Dick" Orton. One of the
newspapers in Nacogdoches published a series of his letters; I can't
remember when these were published, but it was sometime in the mid
20th century. (Richard Orton was a brother of my James Harvey
Haltom's wife, Adeline Orton Haltom.)

The Orton Papers at the University library has at least a couple of
letters written by James Harvey Haltom while he was in the Confederate
Army. If there are others in the library's collection from James, I'd
like to know about them.

Dolores Kinsey

Quoting Toby Turner <>:

> Ronald is really right about the research center at Stephen F.
> Austin College in Nacogdoches. I realized after I posted that I'd
> forgotten to indicate the pieces from The Redland Herald came from
> there (via an email request and payment).
> When I was there (a long time ago), I noted another collection of
> letters from Laurence Taylor to his father, Charles S. Taylor. In
> those days I didn't take copious notes on everything, so only noted
> the letters which referred to my ancestor. Consequently, I have no
> further information on these letters or who might be mentioned in
> them. Nor did I look at any other letters in the library's
> collection. I found the Taylor letters through a cross reference
> system in which I found my ancestor's name.
> Ronald, I would be interested in learning about any other letters
> from men of the 17th. I am a big believer in reading what the men
> who actually fought in the war had to say . . . . especially close
> to the time of their service. My very-much-older sister remembers
> our grandfather in the 1930s, writing me the following: "Grandpa was
> thin and frail and dressed all in black with a long white beard. He
> looked exactly like all the pictures you see of old Confederate
> veterans. He didn't say much, but he told Ann and I that the things
> we were being taught in school about Lincoln and the Civil War were
> not true. Of course, they did not refer to the Civil War, but to
> the War Between the States." He'd served in Co K, Georgia State
> Line as a 17-year-old boy.
> Toby
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